Loulu Palm Weddings Resort won the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award this year! This makes us very proud of our work.

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"Thank you very much for the well wishes, our wedding at Loulu Palm Estate exceeded all of our expectations, we truly had a wonderful evening. The estate provides such an awesome venue - our mainland guests were blown away, and the local guests were impressed and surprised"... "Its been a pleasure working with you, thank you for being so accommodating and easy to get in touch with!"

~ Jessica & David 7/18/10

"If you ever want to have the perfect beach wedding you want to look at the Loulu Palm Estate. This location is a dream come true. My wedding pictures are so beautiful and the location is the reason why. My ceremony overlooks the ocean. The grass extends right up to the ocean so you don't have to worry about sand in your shoes or on your feet. One big plus is that you can have the ceremony and reception all in the same location so your guests are not driving all over the place. After the ceremony we had a variety of places to take pictures, both on and off the beach. For those guests who indeed wanted to take pictures on the beach with sand in their toes, they had the opportunity to do this as well. The reception was also breathtaking. You can sit down for dinner with the backdrop of the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. One suggestion we have is to look up the sunset time, we moved all the festivities over to the beach to take sunset pictures. It truly was magnificent. The staff was also a big plus and I do not think that the wedding would of have run as smoothly if it wasn't for them. Not only were they personable but I had many complements from my family on how well the staff worked. There are always minor last minute details and according to my family the staff was more than accommodating and always had a helping hand. The food was also delicious. We had a buffet and the food was well presented and tasted great. You may think a buffet in an outdoor venue may not be as fresh by the time all the guests got food but this was not the case. The food was indeed warm, delicious and fresh, even for those who come up for seconds and thirds. The head chef was at the location early in the morning and stayed till the very end to insure that everything ran smoothly with his staff. He did not have to worry because everyone was more than helpful.

Overall my experience with Loulu Palm Estate was incredible. I actually enjoyed my wedding and truly believe it was a beautiful experience. I would most defiantly recommend Loulu Palm Estate to anyone looking to throw a memorable party. "

~Mari & Ryan 9/6/10

"The reception was wonderful...I think all of our guests pretty much agreed that it was the best location ever!  It was everything we could have dreamed!"

~ Natalie 7/24/10

"It was just what I imagined. The property is so beautiful and the weather was wonderful".

~Karen + Mark 8/14/10

"Thank you for allowing us to have the wedding at the site. It was beautiful. All of our guests loved it and so did we."

~ Rhea & Trey 7/3/10

"We had such a wonderful wedding at the estate....it was amazing."

~ Lauren & Jared 6/20/10

"The end result....we had the most amazing, romantic, fairytale wedding and reception at the LLP and each of our guests were equally pleased! Everything went according to planned on our wedding day, which as any bride knows is a rarity! Many thanks to the LLP staff for a dream come true!"

~ Melanie & Brett 7/2/10

"Everything was wonderful, we really have no complaints what so ever, the location was beautiful and the staff were easy going"..."Thank you so much for making our wedding so very special!"

~ Lori & Paul 8/6/10

"It was a lovely event held at the perfect location. I have nothing but great memories to take with me from our wedding. Thank you for allowing us to have our wedding celebration at your estate."

~ Rhea & Thuy 7/3/10