Greetings to one of the most beautiful island paradises found anywhere in the world!

When considering a location for your wedding or special event few others places in the world can compete with Hawaii’s magnificent year round sunshine, crystal clear waters, and sandy beaches.  At the beginning of 2007, we started developing the Loulu Palm Estate with the sole purpose of creating a magnificent tropical beach setting where people could gather and turn their romantic dreams into reality.  Loulu Palm Estate sits on a mile long secluded beach between turquoise blue water and lush tropical mountains, creating the perfect backdrop for all your photographic memories. A plantation style home, built in 1941, exudes character and charm and provide a time warp to days gone by of old Hawaii. Discreetly hidden from the main highway, celebrate your special day with family and friends in a private and intimate setting, free from the bright city lights and high rise buildings.