The climate at our location, on the North Shore of Oahu, is beautiful almost year-round. This being a tropical location, there is also a chance of rain or trade winds at anytime of the year, which can definitely be a factor you may want to consider when planning an outdoor occasion. According to some weather sources, there is a higher chance of rain in November through March. Hurricane season is typically July through December. We can provide some tips on how you can accommodate your guests to suit the elements; the Loulu Palms staff definitely watches the weather forecast closely prior to event days and may make some additional suggestions to make your day more comfortable.

Please keep in mind that in Hawaii, a rainy day is a thing of poetry and considered a blessing, as it is the lifeblood of our lush green island chain. The Hawaiian language has more than 100 words for “rain,” which describe the location, volume, and intensity of the shower. “Awa” refers to a fine rain or mist, and “kawa” is for when it’s raining heavily. If a storm is unexpected, it’s called “i lilani.” If the rain is at a slant, it’s called “ua hikiki’i.” If it is an extended rainstorm, then it is an “ua loa.” No matter the type of shower, it almost always brings a rainbow or anuenue, which is definitely a favorable omen. As Loulu Palm is an agricultural property, our fruit trees and gardens certainly appreciate a deep drink. Our guests feel this, yielding to the joy that bursts in our plants, our words, and in the heart of Hawaii.

Additionally, we have a stash of umbrellas that we can provide for dashing from the garden to the house and guest bathrooms. As far as maintaining property infrastructure goes, we have watertight boxes for our electrical hookups and a back-up gas-powered generator if it is an extended storm and the power goes out on the north shore.

Bottom line, rain or shine, we strive to celebrate your occasion with aloha, beauty, and spontaneity