As an agribusiness, we’re dedicated to the propagation of the endangered Loulu Palm. We cultivate species endemic to our islands. We nurture many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Plants grown on our beachside farm end up in the yards (and bellies) of our neighbors. Sharing the fruits of our labor brings us deep satisfaction. We love this land and appreciate it all the more when we can share its bounty and beauty with our community and our guests. Visitors will experience Hawaii as it should be — exquisite, verdant, and a little wild. The adventures created and shared are pure storybook magic. The Loulu Palm experience will not only thrill your guests, but it will also enhance their appreciation for Hawaii’s rare environment. We hope this new understanding may lead them down a path of eco-consciousness. They may feel compelled to join us as lifelong stewards of the land, the ‘Aina, this earth we call home. No idea delights us more.

Please! By all means! Retreat to this stunning expanse of tropics and beaches. Relax in the discrete Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden. Reflect, educate, create, meditate, and celebrate. Loulu Palm is for the dreamer in search of a soft spot for dreaming, for the free spirit who needs space to spread their wings. We know you, dreamers, wishers, and wild things. You’re the host who wants to give your guests both a fabulous experience and a parting gift: a shift in consciousness. Your hope is that they’ll leave with new hope in their hearts, feeling loved, enlightened, and replenished. Year-round sunshine, crystal-clear waters, gentle trade winds, sandy beaches. The Tropical Botanical Garden Hawaii heals. Loulu Palm only heightens that restorative effect.


Our beachside garden and home offers many different experiences and settings for cultural ceremonies or family retreats. Our event professionals are available to service at one of our locations or another of your choice on the island.